The Ultimate Guide to Bedding Size Chart

Guide to bedding size chart

Guide to bedding size chart


Bedding Size Guide

When it comes to selecting the best bedding for your cozy place of rest, size is everything. You don’t want a too small comforter or an enormously large bedspread, as that would completely hinder your comfort and upset your ability to sleep well. Customizing your bedding to your liking has no set rules, so feel free to get creative, layering several different blankets and blanket types.

US Bedding Sizes

A bedspread and comforter can be used interchangeably, but they are two distinct types of blankets. A bedspread is generally larger, intended to cover the entire bed, and possibly go down as far as the floor. For example, a full bed mattress measures 54” x 75”, and a full bedspread should measure 96” x 110”. A California king, the largest of all mattresses, is 72” x 84”, and the corresponding bedspread should be 114” x 120”. Bedspreads generally don’t offer as much warmth as a comforter, which should be made of a thicker material and fit the bed differently. A full-size comforter should measure 100” x 106”, while a California king should be 114” x 106”. Comforters are meant for warmth and comfort more than full coverage and attractiveness. An additional blanket option, a quilt, is generally smaller than the other blanket types and is purely for ornamental reasons and, if necessary, extra warmth in colder months. A full-size mattress requires a quilt that is 80” x 80”, and a quilt for a California king should be 94” x 104”.

While any blanket option can suit your preferences and meet your needs, make sure you choose the proper size for each different blanket type to perfectly fit your size mattress.