What Thread Count Is Best For Sheets?

Does Thread Count Really Matter?

Does Thread Count Really Matter?


Does a high thread count ensure a better night’s sleep? Thread count is best used as a qualifier for comparing different products within the same brand, this means that a set of 300 thread count sheets from a luxury brand such as Sferra, will offer a tremendous feel, however not as nice as, say, a set of 600 thread count sheets from that same brand.

What Does Thread Count Mean?

Thread count is nothing more than the number of threads per square inch. Even that number is somewhat misleading because it says nothing about the strength of the sheet in question.

Ply Plays the Role

Two sets of sheets, both with a 1200 thread count, could be vastly different in terms of durability. Consider the ply or the number of layers. While both have a 1200 thread count, one has a 600 double-ply, the other a 1200 single-ply. Meaning the durability will be better in the set of sheets with a double-ply.

Quality Of Cotton

Another item to consider is the quality of the cotton used in production—more cotton does not mean a better sheet, so always look at the type of cotton, when considering new sheets. For instance, Egyptian cotton is breathable and absorbent, while Pima cotton is more durable and better suited for the demands of family use.

The Weave

The weave is also a big determinant in the feel of your sheets, a percale weave will yield a very silky feel as opposed to a twill weave, like a flannel shirt, which will have a warm and fluffy feel. If you’re going for a truly luxurious set of sheets, the sateen weave has a light and silky feel due to the placement of most of its threads on the surface.

Overall Quality Of Sheets

A good set of sheets is solid in multiple areas, such as thread count and type of cotton, and is suited for your particular demands. Sure a sateen weave featuring 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton will feel amazing—but a family with children will chip away at all that luxury with every wash and every stain! If all else fails—give them a feel! Are they soft? Is the brand reputable? Do they match your decor? There’s no substitute for hands-on experience and sometimes the best answer is whichever one feels best!