Nautical Quilts

When it comes to nautical quilts, there is nothing finer than a Donna Sharp creation to give your bedroom a chic and stylish look that could easily be found on the pages of Coastal Living magazine.

Patchwork and wedding ring, postage stamp, and rag, no matter which nautical quilts pattern you choose to inspire your shore design, find the color palette and pattern that will take you to a beach cottage in the Florida Keys or a luxury bed and breakfast on Martha’s Vineyard.

There’s just something about a nautical quilt that makes the mind wander to happy, relaxing, and carefree days; how magical to recreate a place that evokes such joyful emotions. Whether it’s the king in your master suite or the twin beds in your teen’s room, we have hundreds of nautical quilts in colors and patterns that will help you put together a bed that is the focal point of an inviting and unique bedroom.

Nautical Quilt Set

Muted hues of beige, cocoa, and tan that represent the sand and dunes or shades of aqua, seafoam, and turquoise that look like the ocean in the Caribbean, choose the color palette that will set the tone of your coastal bedroom and then find the nautical quilt that complements your design.

Nautical Quilts Twin

Crosscill, Harbor House and Victor Mill have a wide variety of nautical quilts that coordinate beautifully with their sheets, shams, bed skirts and curtains. Tropical florals, palm trees, and nautical quilt fabric stitched into a patchwork pattern with just the right mix of elegance and whimsy for the queen bed in the guestroom; it is perfectly suited to the feel of an island getaway you’re looking to create for your visiting family and friends.

Nautical Quilts Patterns

Classic red, navy, white and grey with the feel of a New England sailing regatta stitched in an antique style for your son’s full bed. A navy bed skirt and pillow sham complete the traditional feel that make a personal statement about his passion for the sea and sailing.

Nautical Quilts Fabric

Playful colors of bold orange, vibrant blue, crimson red and lemon yellow for the beach theme in your toddler’s room mean very special nautical themed quilts with a whimsical mix of swim shorts, flip flops and sunglasses that will mean easy bedtime each night; he just loves to crawl under his fun coverlet and fall asleep. No matter what the colors are you find appealing or the patterns and motifs that catch your attention, we have the nautical quilts to suit your taste for fashionable elegance.