Nautical Rugs

What could be more reminiscent of happy times spent on the sea and shore than a nautical rug warming the floor of your master suite or children’s’ rooms? A nautical area rug with the color of the sand or the ocean or a pattern that takes you away every time you step foot in the room; a palm tree with coconuts and fronds swaying in a tropical breeze, a sailboat cutting the foam on ocean waves, seashells and seahorses in a whimsical pattern or striped pink and green beach chairs with a pail of sand and shovel resting next to them.

The colors and images make you feel you can almost smell the salt in the air. It’s nautical rugs that complete a room and tie whatever chosen theme altogether. They offer comfort and warmth as well as a design element that appeals to the eye and the sea-loving heart.

Nautical Area Rugs

Nautical Outdoor Rugs

Well crafted wool, woven silk, braided cotton, or sewn synthetic fibers - deciding on the quality of the nautical rug is part of shopping for any floor covering. In areas that are high traffic whether it’s foot traffic or your children playing, studying or watching tv, a quality area rug is the best choice as it will provide comfort, warmth and wear well.

Nautical Rugs Runners

If it’s a small accent or nautical bath rug, a less expensive synthetic choice in any pattern or motif will do its job beautifully. Decide what portion of the floor you wish to cover and this will determine what size nautical area rug you need.

Nautical Rugs Brands

C&F; Williamsburg and Rizzy Home offer hundreds of nautical rugs from a classic red rug with white or navy border to a myriad of beach colors and sea and shore patterns. Your son is a very traditional sailor, just like his dad, so you want a navy and white striped nautical rug with an anchor in the middle to match his duvet cover and shams. Your daughter is definitely the more playful shore enthusiast who found a big bright green flip flop with white daisies and a hot pink background that will complement the sunglasses and bikinis on her comforter.

Nautical Rugs in 8x10 and 5x8

They may be two extremes of nautical rugs, yet you’ve satisfied their tastes and created a cool and inviting space for each of them. A red, white and navy braided rug would coordinate with any duvet, bedspread and curtains as it’s traditional colors make it the perfect addition to any bedroom with a coastal theme.

Nautical Rugs For Nursery

Don’t forget nautical rugs for the nursery; your littlest sailor deserves the same sharp bedroom as his older brother!

What are nautical rugs?

Wool, silk, braided cotton or synthetic fibers crafted into floor coverings with a nautical color, pattern, or motif. Available in a variety of size nautical area rugs to cover a small area or the entire floor. Nautical rugs for nursery, bedroom or living work well for any portion of the floor and as accent rugs in the hallway, foyer, kitchen and bathroom.