Beach Curtains

Add tropical style to any room in your home with our selection of beach themed curtains and tropical beach window treatments. When you’re looking to create your tropical island-inspired room, keep in mind that the window treatments help to tie your look together by complementing your bedding, rugs, furniture, and other decorative accents.

Not only do you have colors and patterns to choose from you have several types. If you want a more casual feel and lots of light, choose a lovely tropical island sheer or semi-sheer beach window curtains in a hue reminiscent of the turquoise or aqua blue ocean or emerald palm leaves of the tropics. For privacy and a more finished look, consider lined beach window treatments maybe in a Hawaiian or Caribbean floral pattern.

Best Beach Themed Curtain Ideas

The highest quality is thermal or light-blocking beach curtains which allow for privacy, a quality look, and energy efficiency and makes them ideal for bedrooms for sleeping, and living rooms, and family rooms for watching TV in the evening. Whether it’s a brilliant tangerine orange cotton, a luxurious turquoise silk or a whimsical red, white, and navy blue nautical theme made of linen or cotton, your beach cottage curtains reflect your coastal style and complete your bedding. Don’t forget that while we may primarily think of a coastal theme for bedroom window panels and coverings, they also work well on sliding glass doors, the French doors that lead to the back patio, or in the kitchen or bathroom.

Beach House Curtains

A beach house or cottage feel gives any room a sense of tranquility and relaxation as that is how being near the sand and sea makes us feel. If you’re thinking playful, pink and green surfboard, hula dancer, or beach ball patterned cotton beach window treatments will add to your bathroom décor.

Curtain Sizes

You’ll want to look at lengths of 20, 28, and 36 inches which are also the sizes for smaller kitchen beach style curtains. In the bedrooms or family rooms, you may need more standard lengths ranging from 63 and 66 inches to longer at 84 or extra long at 120 inches in length depending on the height of your ceilings. Hardware can be as simple as a café rod or as intricate as having seashells or starfish as decorative ends on your wooden rods. The choice should complement the style of colors and patterns you’ve chosen. It may be hard to imagine yet there are coastal styles that vary from more contemporary to rather traditional so window panels treatments are finished in ways to reflect those styles from grommet to pinch pleats to ring top, tab, tie-up, and the most popular rod pocket style. Think of a cabana beach curtains hanging around the pool of your Maui getaway in striking tan and black stripes in a cotton sateen fabric with a pop of scarlet from the orchids that decorated the tables. You translate this memory into striped drapes and scarlet pillows for the couch and rug covering the floor. Take this chic look and bring it into any men’s space and you’ve got an upscale seashore feel even on the coldest winter day. Looking for a more traditional pattern? Palm trees and leaves are classic whether it’s your guestroom or your sunroom, you can’t go wrong.

What are beach curtains?

They are sheer, semi-sheer, lined, or thermal fabric window treatment in beach-inspired colors and patterns to accent your coastal style room. Beach curtains and window coverings, panels, and pair range from modern and contemporary to Boho chic and country for small bathroom or kitchen to the standard bedroom and floor- to- cathedral-ceiling windows.