Majestic Elegance by Michael Amini Bedding

With a name that is synonymous with high quality furniture collections, the Michael Amini Bedding offers no less. The bedding Collection has a numerous range of designs, each with its unique touch of glamour. The collection prides itself in a wide selection of pillow shams, comforters, decorative pillows, European shams and bed skirts.

Michael Amini Bedding

Michael Amini Bedding

Elegant Bedding Designs by Michael Amini

Enchantment Bedding

Enchantment Bedding by Michael Amini

The Michael Amini Enchantment Bedding collection sports a charming floral pattern that is accentuated with the various hues of chocolate brown, lilac and blue giving your bedroom a ravishing look whilst offering a sense of comfort and glamour. Available in King and Queen Sizes, the Enchantment Collection features both a 13 and 12 piece bed in a bag set that include; standard pillow shams, European shams, bed skirt and six decorative pillows. The floral pattern on the Enchantment comforter is embellished with twisted cord edging. With an 18 inch drop, the bed skirt has a regal appeal and features split corners and ruffles. The Michael Amini Enchantment Bedding Collection includes oblong and square pillows that could be used to spruce up your bedroom décor.

Elegance at its Finest

Crescent Height Bedding

Crescent Height Bedding by Michael Amini

The Michael Amini Crescent Heights Bedding Collection comes in hues of champagne and gold. The Crescent bedding 9 and 10 bed in a bag sets includes standard pillow shams, three decorative pillows, European shams, bed skirt and comforter. Available in both King and Queen Sizes, the Crescent comforter sports a firm solid gold satin taffeta structure and is embellished in shades of gold. The bed skirt is tailored in an elegant design that features a solid gold taffeta construction. With edge piping accents and a gusseted style, the European shams add a hint of glamour that is accented by champagne match dyed solid satin. To top it all off the Crescent Heights bedding collection features oblong pillows that are accentuated with Greek embroidery not to mention the chocolate brown square pillow with pleat accents and pin tucking.

Luxurious Comforters by Michael Amini Bedding

Highgate Manor Bedding

Highgate Manor Bedding by Michael Amini

The Michael Amini Highgate Manor Bedding is a convergence of majestic opulence and classical style. Embellished in hues of gold and rich chocolate brown, this Michael Amini comforter is sure to transform any plain bedroom into a sumptuous and elegant relaxing retreat. Coming in 12 and 13 bed in a bag set, the Highgate bedding collection includes; European shams, standard pillow shams, comforter, bed skirt and six decorative pillows. Available in both King and Queen Sizes, the High Manor comforter sets sports an 18-inch drop that is accented with ruffled design and split corners. The classic print in rich chocolate brown embellishes the European shams giving them a chic look. The standard shams sport a slightly different style with a fringe edging finish and a two tone solid print of bold brown.

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