Elegant Bamboo Sheet Sets

Considered by most to be the finest form of bed linen, bamboo sheets are ideal for a broad range of people. From those who seek to enjoy superior comfort to self confessed germophobes who demand the cleanest form of linen, bamboo sheets are the choice of many. Created from the bamboo plant, bamboo sheets have natural antifungal and antibacterial characteristics. Numerous tests on the viability of bamboo sheets have been carried out to determine the cleanliness of bamboo sheets. After getting infected with Staphylococcus aureous bacteria, the bamboo sheets indicated that the bamboo sheets eliminated over 99% of the bacteria, making them the cleanest sheets in today’s market. Bamboo sheets don’t fall short as far as luxury is concerned. Even though bamboo sheets made from a blend of cotton fabric and bamboo offer excellent comfort as well, but 100% bamboo sheets offer superior comfort and hence their popularity. Bamboo sheets inherently possess the positive qualities of Egyptian cotton and silk sheets yet do not share their negative traits.For people suffering from allergies, bamboo sheets are most ideal.


Super Soft & Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Sheet Sets

Highly versatile and superior in style, Bamboo Sheet Sets by Dreamsacks Bedding, are luxuriously smooth with an elegantly understated design. Sporting solid color linens that are naturally soft, Bamboo Dreams Sheet Sets are available in rain, chocolate, sienna, natural, green tea and almond shades. The sheet sets come in Twin, Queen, King and California King sizes.


Bamboo Dream Sheet Sets Bedding by Dreamsacks Bedding

Bamboo Dream Sheet Sets Bedding by Dreamsacks Bedding


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