Vibrant Stylish Bedding By Veratex Bedding

Using 100% smooth fiber to fill their comforters, Veratex Home Fashions has since 1992 been sewing and cutting most of its globally sourced fabric by hand to give it a personal touch. Quality is guaranteed by personal inspection. With sheets that boast of a 330 thread count, Veratex Bedding features comforters made of 100% Egyptian cotton. Ideal for those with flamboyant tastes, Veratex Bedding comes in a variety of classic designs that blend in a contemporary style, giving any bedroom a classic look and feel. Veratex Bedding has a variety of bedding designs that satisfy a broad that satisfy a broad range of tastes, from chic geometric designs to floral and damask motifs. Available in California King, King and Queen sizes Veratex Bedding ensembles come with decorator pillows and can be complemented by standard European and decorative sham pillows.

Veratex Bedding

Veratex Bedding

Paisley Inspired Floral Bedding

Embellished in shades of sage green, black and slate grey, Veratex Alamosa Bedding is a paisley inspired floral bedding which will transform any bedroom into a luxurious retreat. Alamosa comforter set includes a woven jacquard chenille that features an oversized floral print in hues of jet black, taupe and shades of grey. Available in King and Queen sizes, Alamosa Bedskirt sports a 15.5 inch drop in embroidered accents and meticulous split corners. For a hint of classic elegance, you could use complimenting standard shams decorated with a tailored flange. For added versatility European shams reverse between a ribbon border design on a solid background and a stitched floral design.

Alamosa Bedding by Veratex Bedding

Alamosa Bedding by Veratex Bedding

Elegant Jacquard Bedding Collection

Adorned in shades of cherry red, chocolate brown and burgundy, Veratex Bourdon Bedding is a jacquard bedding collection that would turn any bedroom into a majestic sanctuary. Available in King and Queen sizes the Bourbon comforter set is embellished in thorough bands of pleated satin and includes an oversized jacquard adornment in shades of brown and burgundy. Sporting a 15.5 inch drop, the Bourdon bedskirt is designed in a classic ruffled style complimented by detailed split corners. For a complete look why not use standard shams in a tailored flange and a jacquard print complimented by pleated bands. Coordinating sheet sets come in an embroidered red hem stitched on a cream background.

Bourdon Bedding by Veratex Bedding

Bourdon Bedding by Veratex Bedding

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