The New Quilt Sets by Greenland Home Bedding Collections

The new quilted jacquard floral print comforters, traditional patchwork designs and modern, quilted comforters in stripes, solids and patterns by Greenland Home Bedding come in such a wide range of styles that they’ll fit into bedrooms of all genres. For the most part, each collection is available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes with a variety of decorative pillows and throw blankets to match.

Bella Ruffle Bedding by Greenland Home Bedding

Diving into the elegant side of quilted bedding collections, the Greenland Home Bedding company has come up with a number of options that explore their sophisticated side, their homegrown country tradition of cottage or cabin bedding, and even a modern selection of quilt designs.

To begin with, the Bella Ruffle Bedding collection by Greenland Home Bedding represents a class of quilted bedding that makes the stitching of the gorgeous comforter design the focal point. Each quilt set features ruffles of delicate floral printed fabrics that are sewn onto its off-white ground. With a wispy edge design that uses frayed fabric to give it an aged feel, the Twin, Full, Queen and King quilt set sizes are made from 100% cotton for a plush and luxurious feel that is both prewashed and preshrunk. Each size comes in a quilt set that includes the quilted comforter and one (for Twin) or two quilted pillow shams (for Full, Queen, and King). Like the Bella Ruffle, Greenland Home has come up with other elegant, quilted patterns that include: Coral Bedding in Blue or Red and the white Ruffle Bedding quilt set as well.

Gorgeous Country Cottage, Modern and Elegant Quilt Sets Make Up the Latest 2012 Collections from Greenland Home Bedding.

Soho Bedding by Greenland Home Bedding

Turning the corner from pure elegance in quilted bed sets to a modern quilted look, the Greenland Home Bedding company has developed a number of very unique bedding collections that fit beautifully into a modern home or loft space, as well as a cabin setting that wants an urban or simplified quilt feel. Up to bat first is the gorgeous Soho Bedding collection by Greenland Home Bedding. It’s contemporary, with subtle color variations and a chic style, but maintains the same down to earth sense of style that any high quality Greenland Home quilt possesses. With Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes available in each quilt set, the Soho Bedding – along with the other modern collections that include the Josephine Bedding collection in blue, burgundy or sage, the Monina Bedding collection with its contemporary floral pattern, or the ultra sweet design of the pink Polka Dot Stripe Bedding collection – comes with a set of quilted pillow shams.

Log Cabin Bedding by Greenland Home Bedding

Rounding out their set of brand new collections, Greenland Home Bedding has released yet another number of top end, country cottage style quilt sets. Many of them lean shabby chic while others push toward mountain cabin, but the style remains the same: they’re great for any bedroom that wants a stylish but inviting effect. For starters, the Amelia Bedding Collection by Greenland Home Bedding comes in a vintage-inspired, classic patchwork design of floral prints in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes. Since the red, blue, yellow and natural colors of its floral print comes across as vibrant and dashing, Greenland Home has also designed new collections that contain more muted colors and fall into the same cottage bedding collection category. Additionally, the Bliss Bedding, Blooming Prairie Bedding, Lorraine Bedding, Log Cabin Bedding and Sedona Bedding find the same ability to be chic and effortlessly comforting.

While a few more quilt set bedding collections are going to be released soon and will likely fall into their unofficial categories of elegant, modern and country chic, Greenland Home Bedding maintains a steady stream of updated designs and color combinations to keep us guessing.

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Greenland Home Bedding Collections

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