Floral and Geometric Patterns: The Latest Collections by Ashley McBride Bedding

Normally consisting of formal bedding ensembles that include elegant comforter sets of luscious reds, neutral shades or pastels and pale cream backgrounds, the Ashley McBride Bedding brand is known for dabbling in the high end experience without outlandish price points. In one of three new designs – the Florence Bedding Collection, Rome Bedding Collection and the Milan Bedding Collection – Ashley McBride Bedding provides both a custom feel and high level of comfort in every collection.

Featuring a thick brownish-mauve border to its ivory center, the Florence Bedding by Ashley McBride Bedding comes with faux silk and accenting shades of lilac, cream and chocolate brown. The oversized flower motifs atop its center and pillow shams match one another in both the Queen and King size bed in bag comforter sets, including a comforter, two standard pillow shams, a bedskirt, an oblong decorative pillow and two square decorative pillows. Thanks to its classy embroidering and stitched border finish, the entire collection pulls off a warmth as it delivers stylish comfort to your bedroom decor.


Rome Bedding by Ashley McBride Bedding

In a completely different statement of bedroom fashion, the Rome Bedding by Ashley McBride Bedding uses Japanese influences in a geometric pattern to ground the cotton sateen of this bed in a bag set. Although the name might have us thinking it would look like ancient Italy, the pattern itself speaks to Italy’s modern stage of lustrous fashion and interior design. Heading back to their original flower motif look, the Milan Bedding by Ashley McBride Bedding brings in the color of lilacs along with cream and sage green to create a calming, luxurious effect. The slate gray border and black outline of the flowers across its ivory background give the comforter set a casual feel, while the comforter, two pillow shams, bedskirt and three decorative pillows in each of these collections bring serious volume to the headboard.

Milan Bedding by Ashley McBride Bedding

Whether its a floral pattern or geometric design, the wide variety of styles represented by the Ashley McBride Bedding brand remain consistently beautiful, selling themselves on fine bedding quality as well as the artistic patterns used.

Click below to learn more about the Ashley McBride Bedding Collections:

Florence Bedding by Ashley McBride Bedding
Rome Bedding by Ashley McBride Bedding
Milan Bedding by Ashley McBride Bedding
Ashley McBride Bedding Collections

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