A Line-Up of Luxurious Duvets for 2012 by Legacy Home Bedding

For twenty years and counting the Virginia-based Legacy Home Bedding company we monitor for stylish releases in the bedding market has made its statement with opulent duvet set collections for 2012. With an emphasis on quality detailing, the duvets that come in Queen and King sizes are sold separately to equip your bedroom interior with a custom-made feel and finish that knock the socks off of luxury bedding competition.

Beacon Hill Bedding by Legacy Home Bedding

Handcrafted and luxurious, the bedding collections of Legacy Home Bedding are crafted using fine linens that are crafted with customized attention to the fabrics and finishes used. The Beacon Hill Bedding collection by Legacy Home, for example, uses a modern look of geometric bordering to bring out the taupe and cream colored essence of high end, hotel bedding. With everything necessary to create the full effect of a gorgeous bedroom interior, the Queen and King sized bedding elements are designed with matching duvets, coverlets, bedspreads, bedskirts, pillow shams, sheet sets and decorative pillows in coordinating designs.

Luxury Bedding Collection by Legacy Home

Bosporus Bedding by Legacy Home Bedding

Made from silk, linen and velvet, the Bosporus Bedding Collection by Legacy Home Bedding is a long running pattern that comes in Queen and King sizes. Printed on a linen blend ground with natural tones, the brown and tan design shines with silk and velvet fabrics bringing out the luxurious design across its standard and European pillow shams, the pleated bedskirt design, and all of the additional pieces that match the duvet’s plush surface. Similarly, the Chrysanthemums Bedding mixes texturized patterns with bold autumnal hues for a classic design, while the toile mixes contrasting colors in the Crystal Lake Bedding. Other bedding collections new for 2012 are the Contessa Aqua Bedding collection, the Contessa Buff Bedding collection, and the Country House Dill Bedding collection by Legacy Home Bedding.

Chrysanthemums Bedding by Legacy Home Bedding

In a beautiful assortment of warm colors with varying patterns and combinations of materials, Legacy Home bedding’s beautiful duvets and matching decorative bedskirts, pillows and Euro shams are an extraordinary way to prove your that your bedroom deserves a custom-made setting that acts as an opulent sanctuary.

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