What is Quilted Bedding?

We’re familiar with patchwork quilts and their squares, numerous patterns and coordinating yet contrasting colors that tend to construct the remnant-driven bedding. When we define the term Quilted Bedding, its does not only refer to patchwork quilt designs. Instead, quilted bedding designs are generally defined as two layers of cloth filled with padding that is held in place by stitching.

Courtney Bedding by C&F Bedding

For the ultimate feel of thick, stitched bedding, a quilted bedding collection offers style and supple warmth as a patterned or solid comforter. The sewn design that keeps layers of fabric together is both purposeful and decorative, acting as the perfect focal point within a classic, eye-catching bedroom interior. In a wide variety of motifs and color schemes, quilted bedding can come in every size, from Twin bedding to California King bedding and with a wide range of decorative pillows and drapery to match.

Sewing Fabrics Together in Decorative Patterns, Quilted Bedding Collections Add Texture and Warmth to Classic Bedroom Design.

Gridlock Bedding by Ashley Bedding

The Courtney Quilt Bedding by C&F Bedding features a red and white striped pattern. With apparent stitching atop its surface, the quilts come in Twin, Full/Queen and King sizes with standard pillow shams and decorative options available. Not unlike the Gridlock Bedding by Ashley Bedding or the Tara Bedding by Pem America Bedding, all of the bedding designs deter from using a standard patchwork look to demonstrate the quilted stitching that can be found across a wide range of styles.

Tara Bedding by Pem America Bedding

Whether the quilted bedding uses solid colors, patterns, or floral motifs, all are considered quilts due to the nature of their sewing the different fabrics together to create an insulating yet stylish layer to top your bed.

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Courtney Quilt Bedding by C&F Bedding
Gridlock Bedding by Ashley Bedding
Tara Bedding by Pem America Bedding
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