What is a Jacquard Weave?

Unless the terminology of textile design comes naturally, understanding the difference between different textures and patterns is learned through bedding collection descriptions or researching textiles. Since jacquard is a highly-figured weave for textile design, it’s important to understand what makes the loom and weave of a jacquard print distinct in your bedding collection.

Bleecker Street Bedding by Ralph Lauren Bedding

In order to produce a durable jacquard weave, a loom is required. The special automatic loom that was developed for such a weave was created by a French man by the name of Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801. The loom is fit with perforated cards that weave intricate patterns into a textile in a variety of colors and genres. Seen here on the comforter of the Bleecker Street Bedding by Ralph Lauren Bedding, the red jacquard consists of swirling flowers and leaves in a paisley design.

Jacquard Weaving Creates a Pattern Using a Loom Developed in 1801 by Joseph Marie Jacquard.

Bleecker Street jacquard comforter by Ralph Lauren Bedding

By definition, a jacquard weave is a fabric with an intricately woven pattern or the name of its loom known as the special loom or method employed in the weaving of a figured fabric. It differs from printed fabrics or dyed fabrics – and is similar to embroidery since there is threadwork involved – but unlike all of these textile designs, the jacquard weave is incorporated right into the fabric for a design effect that contains more volume and durability. Whether it’s a mono-color weave like the Venetian Court jacquard pillow by Ralph Lauren Bedding, or a multi-color weave as seen in the Bleecker Street Bedding collection, jacquard weaves add depth through textured design to any bedroom decor.

Venetian Court jacquard pillow by Ralph Lauren Bedding

Elegant jacquard weaves provide your textile with a resilience and tactile sensation that brings out the traditional look and feel of the early 1800s into any fine bedding collection. Whether it be a floral, paisley, or a geometric designs, the result of a luxury jacquard weave adds just the right amount of depth.

Click below to see more from the examples shown of jacquard collections:

Bleecker Street Bedding by Ralph Lauren Bedding
Venetian Court Bedding by Ralph Lauren Bedding

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