What is a Duvet Insert?

For most Americans, a duvet (pronounced doo-vay) signifies the duvet cover, or the decorative, protective layer that is buttoned or zipped onto the duvet insert, similar to a large pillowcase. For Canadians and most Europeans, the phrase “duvet” refers to the down comforter, or duvet insert. Since the outer layer’s design and thread count can vary tremendously, we must begin by understanding the variance of duvet inserts when deciding on the perfect bedding collection.

Duvet insert by Home City Bedding

A duvet, meaning “down” in French, is an insert, or comforter made from feathers or down. Since the fabric covering the feathers inside can be stitched in different ways, there are many different qualities to keep in mind when picking the perfect insert to fit inside your decorative duvet cover. Some of the duvets have technical stitching to keep the feathers from bunching, some of them use a higher quality cotton, like an Egyptian cotton with a high thread count, to keep the duvet insert soft and supple.  .

Feathery Down Duvet Inserts Create a Plush Layer of Opulence Within Your Duvet Cover.

White Goose Down Duvet insert by North Home Bedding

Add the finishing touch to your bedroom décor using a duvet insert that stands as the most important layer to your bedding collection. Since no duvet insert feels complete without it’s protective casing of a duvet cover, it is vital to the luxurious look and feel of your bedroom – not to mention the ease of cleaning a duvet cover – that each duvet insert is partnered with the perfect comfort and warmth that the duo provides.

Feather Duvet insert by Pacific Coast Bedding

Finish your bedding collection with a high quality duvet insert made with Egyptian cotton and down or feathers inside for the ultimate in softness and warmth.

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White Goose Down Duvet Insert by North Home Bedding
Duvet Insert by Home City Bedding
Feather Duvet Insert by Pacific Coast Bedding
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