What is a Bedskirt?

A bedskirt is sometimes called other names, but none of which are exactly the same thing. Unless you’ve studied up on your bedskirt, bed ruffle, dust ruffle and valance definitions, it’s important to know what you’re talking about when in the market for the bottom half of what makes your bed complete.

Beauville Bedding, Tailored Bedskirt by Ashley Bedding

By definition, a bedskirt is a decorative piece that is used to cover the boxspring and legs of the bed. It’s fit should hang to the floor without dragging, and its top area should fit snugly between the mattress and boxspring. While both a bedskirt and dust ruffle serve as coverage of the space between the comforter and what lies beneath, they are often confused for being one in the same. A dust ruffle is a pleated piece made from a circular construction with an elastic band around its top. Slits at each corner keep the material from bunching, and that is fitted around the box spring. 

Bedskirts Come in a Variety of Different Styles, with Hems and Split Corners Detailing the Designs.

Botticelli Bedding, Ruffled Bedskirt by Croscill Bedding

On the other hand, a bedskirt has a solid fabric that is sewn in pleats or ruffles along the edges that hang to the floor of the bed. There is no elastic, or stretchable band as in the dust ruffle, and its outer area hangs down the long sides and foot of the bed (and not the head of the bed, like the dust ruffle). Since a bedskirt comes in a variety of styles that include tailored bedskirts, ruffled bedskirts and pleated bedskirts, along with split corners, center pleats and special hems, it is important to know what you like before shopping for the bedskirt that will compliment your bedding collection and overall room decor.

Adeso Bedding, Pleated Bedskirt by Robert Allen Bedding

A small detail goes a long way when considering the luxurious impact that a perfectly sewn bedskirt can have on a bedroom ambiance. Whether its a ruffled, pleated, or tailored bedskirt, matching it to your comforter set is a beautiful way to add a finishing touch to your bedroom decor.

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Beauville Bedding by Ashley Bedding
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