Personal Style is the Key to Perfect Dorm Bedding

By far the most important duvet or comforter design that is still etched in many of our minds was the bedding set we took to college our freshman year. Dorm bedding says a lot about one’s personal style, color preference, and importance placed on comfort within their newfound home away from home.

All Over Hunter Pony & Plaid Bedding by U.S. POLO ASSN.

For guys and gals, the bedding designs that blanket the smallest living quarters you’ve ever experienced are vital to a good night’s rest while your mind is kept busy with studying and exams. For an emblazoned pattern, subtle graphic print, or perfect solid color, most dorm room beds that can be lofted or left on the ground require sheet sets of the Twin XL size, but a comforter set in a Twin size is fine to top it off with. Beside the size factor, the most important rule of thumb when choosing dorm bedding is to make sure it is a design you won’t be tired of looking at day in and day out.

Prints, Graphics and Solids: Get the Right Dorm Bedding for your Home Away from Home.

Going Green Bedding by SIS Covers Bedding

Using decorative pillows, European Shams, standard pillows, throws, matching draperies and window treatments, etc. can also help to brighten up your single or shared dorm room if you remember to be considerate of your college roommate’s taste. Some bedding sets come with many included parts. For instance, the classy All Over Hunter Pony & Plaid XL Twin 4-piece Bed in a Bag set by U.S. POLO ASSN. includes one Twin XL comforter (86″L), a Twin XL flat sheet and fitted sheet (96″L), and a standard sham. The Going Green bedding set by SIS Covers Bedding is listed as Twin, but the duvet and duvet insert each measure 88″L, perfect for topping an Twin XL sheet set of your choice. The Going Green set also comes with a standard sham and two different decorative pillows. For a flashy, urban chic look, the Express Bedding by Roxy Bedding set comes with just a duvet (86″L) and standard sham that can be matched to any Twin XL sheet set.

Express Bedding by Roxy Bedding

Whatever your preference in college bedding may be, make sure the duvet or comforter set matches your genuine style – and the Twin XL sheet set – to make your dorm room bedding the most relaxing, comfortable place you’ll look forward to sleeping in day after day.

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All Over Hunter Pony & Plaid by U.S. POLO ASSN.
Going Green bedding set by SIS Covers Bedding
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