Make Your Bed a Beauty with Standard and European Pillow Shams

Of course we know that we can combine standard pillow shams with matching sheets and a coordinating duvet or comforter for a complete bed. But to recreate the beautiful bedding ensembles we see in the top level of department stores that make you want to take a cat nap halfway through a shopping trip, the key is use Euro shams (using a sham stuffer), Euro shams with flanges, Standard shams, Standard Shams with flanges and decorative pillows on top of it all.

Esperanto Bedding by The Well Dressed Bed

The European sham should start the layering as the tallest pillow against the headboard. It’s typically a square shape, measuring 26″ x 26″, and is the same size for all beds even though King size beds can hold three Euro shams, while Queen and Full size beds fit two. Sometimes Euro shams come with extra decoration, like a flanged edge – where there is an extra ruffled, pleated or flat piece of fabric that comes off of the edges – or with extra decoration on its flat surfaces, such as embroidery or a contrasting design from the sheets and Standard shams. Since Euro size pillows are hard to find, sham stuffers are an easy way to fill the beautiful Euro shams for the most beautiful headrest.

Layering Euro Shams and Standard Shams Creates Comfort and Adds Style for a Luxury Bedding Ensemble.

Cascata Bedding Pillows by Austin Horn Bedding

After the Euro shams, the next layer is the rectangular Standard/Queen shams that measure 20″ x 26″ or King size shams that measure 20″ x 36″. Standard shams fit onto beds of all sizes, and King shams fit onto King and California King beds due to their extra wide length. Most frequently, Standard and King shams match the sheet set for a uniform look. In the Cascata Bedding Collection by Austin Horn Bedding, the Euro shams and the Standard shams come with or without the embellishment of flanged edges. In the floral damask jacquard pattern, the ruched fabrics with blossom details and ruffles perfect accentuates the entire Cascata Collection’s luxury feel with the twist cord trim, rope fringe and tassels.

Bleecker Street Bedding by Ralph Lauren Bedding

Whether its the embroidery, the flanged, the fringes or the contrasting pattern, the Euro shams we love accentuate the beauty of the simple, rectangular shapes of the Standard (or King) shams for layer upon layer of functional, decorative cushioning against your headboard.

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Esperanto Bedding Collection by The Well Dressed Bed
Cascata Bedding Collection by Austin Horn Bedding
Bleecker Street Bedding Collection by Ralph Lauren Bedding
Euro shams
Standard shams

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