Embellish Your Bedroom Collection with Decorative Pillows

Even for those of us who appreciate minimal home and bedroom decor, the art of picking out decorative pillows is not only to coddle the scene, it’s too add much-need bedding comfort and dimension also. While some pillows come in self-explanatory squares, the shapes of other decorative pillow types – like boudoir, tambourine and neckroll – require more of an explanation to get how they can embellish the top half of your bed.

Laviano's boudoir pillow by Croscill Bedding

Also known as “breakfast” pillows, boudoir pillows are popular in many bedding sets. Their small rectangular stature makes for the ideal oblong throw pillow that works well alongside square fashion pillows, like in the Laviano Bedding Collection by Croscill. Neckroll pillows are similar to boudoir pillows in their long shape, except they are small cylindrical decorative throw pillows instead of rectangular in shape. Measuring a long 6″D x 18″L, the Lavender Dreams’ neckroll pillow features two stripes as accents.

The Many Shapes of Decorative Pillows: Square, Rectangular, Boudoir, Neckroll and Tambourine

Lavender Dreams' neckroll pillow by Lawrence Bedding

Tambourine pillows are circular-shaped pillows that generally come with a button in their center. By adding the cinched middle to their fashionable design it emphasizes pleats, gleaming fabrics, and depth, and is an easy way to show off a dark color that matches the duvet or comforter design – like the Yorke Bedding by Jennifer Taylor Bedding (see below).

Yorke's tambourine pillow by Jennifer Taylor Bedding

Whether it is a decorative square pillow, long edges of a boudoir pillow, or the rounded tambourine or cylindrical neckroll pillows that make you want to siesta, add dimension and comfort to your bedding collections with gorgeous decorative pillows of all shapes and sizes.

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