Choosing the Right Thread Count for Your Sheet Set

While the look of our bedding collection should visually follow the lead of the entire bedroom’s interior decor, the sheet sets are less visible. Some might think their importance is lessened by this fact, but the reality is completely the contrary. With a great set of sheets come a few statistics, the major and most important one beside its size is the thread count.

Blue Moon 250 Count sheet set by Lawrence Bedding

A flat sheet and its partnered fitted sheet have thread counts that match when it comes to sheet sets. Each of the sheets in these packs serve a specific purpose: one to fit the mattress below, and one to cover the fitted sheet. When it comes to the actual thread count, which by definition means “the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of fabric”, we can look at low to high thread counts for sale in a wide price range.

Egyptian Cotton is the Soft Fiber in Sheet Sets that Ranges From Mid- to High-Thread Counts.

Egyptian Cotton 650 Count sheet sets

Whether the luxurious feel of 700 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton sheets are important to your vacation this coming spring or nightly in the comfort if your own bed, you can opt for softness for a higher price. For the most part, however, sheet sets of great quality come in the thread count mid-range of 180 to 350 or so if you’re careful to check out the types of fibers used and finish applied.

Volturno 300 Count Sheet Set by Lacoste Bedding

Choose your ideal sheet set using its thread count as a guide to the quality of its feel, along wit density and quality, along with the types of fibers used to create its overall smooth finish.

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