What is a Duvet Cover?

Not to be confused with a duvet cover or a quilt cover, traditional duvets refer to the filled down comforter that fits inside a decorative, protective covering. Take the Delaney Bedding by Waterford Bedding, for example. Its exquisite design atop the duvet cover is detailed with a woven floral damask motif and is finished with ruffled flanges and a twist cord trim. The duvet itself fits inside the patterned exterior textile and coordinates with the Delaney bedding ensemble in Queen and King sizes, with accent pieces for the entire room.


Delaney Bedding by Waterford Bedding

Not to be confused with a duvet cover, a “duvet” a French word  used to describe a down or feathered comforter or blanket. Meaning “down” in English, duvets come from rural Europe after they figured the down feathers from the eider duck were a form a insulation. In modern  duvet comforters however, a wide variety of fillings can create warmth in bedding.

Duvets Add Insulated Warmth Within a Decorative Duvet Cover, Bringing Beauty and Comfort into Bedroom Design.

Feather Duvet Insert by Pacific Coast Bedding

As a single covering, duvets and their duvet covers make for easy bed-making and versatility. They are similar to comforters in use, but can also be used without sheets and blankets due to the washable cover that protects the duvet insert. Changing and washing the duvet cover is made easy by its zipper or button closures, and its versatility is a huge reason why duvets and duvet covers have maintained popularity in Europe and around the world. Some of the leading duvet cover designers include: Nautica, Laura Ashley, Tommy Hilfiger, Liz Claiborne, Roxy, Calvin Klein, and Lily Pulitzer Bedding.

Although duvets are similar to comforters, they exude comfort with a down or feather fill and offer the most design flexibility with the option to throw on a duvet cover and have it completely makeover your bedroom’s interior style.

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Delaney Bedding by Waterford Bedding


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