What Is A Bedspread? Bedspreads Defined

In the world of bedding, the difference between bedspreads and other bed covers cannot be underrated – so what is a bedspread, whats the definition of a bedspread. Modern online shoppers should especially be aware of the difference between bedspreads and comforters, coverlets, matelasse, and duvets/duvet covers so that you know exactly what a bedspread can offer your beautiful bedroom design.

Sade Linen Bedspread. By Cody Direct Bedding.

Filled or Single Layer Bedspreads Define the Style of a Bedroom While Offering Warmth and Decoration.

By definition, a bedspread is a decorative cloth used to cover a bed. But for those of us needing details to make educated decorating decisions, we want to know more about how to differentiate a bedspread from its sibling bedding covers. The first way to understand the common bedspread is understanding the scope. A bedspread can come in the form of a pre-filled blanket or as a soft, thick, single layer blanket. Take the Sade Linen bedspread by Cody Direct Bedding that acts as a bedspread and is used for decoration and warmth.

Antique Chic Bedspread. By Greenland Home Bedding.

An aesthetically-pleasing top layer of bedding forms a centerpiece and eye-catching focal point that can reflect a traditional, modern, mountain casual, and formal style, etc. that sets the tone for the room’s decoration. The Antique Chic Bedspread by Greenland Home Bedding is an example of a warm, contemporary bedspread with a quilted look with a floral country tone.

Chantilly Chenille Bedspread.

Bedspreads are most similar to comforters in filled form but they do not require quilting the filling to distribute filling in sections. In soft chenille bedspreads, like the Chantilly Chenille bedspread, a single layer of the plush, lightweight fabric creates the bedspread instead. Another important note is that bedspreads, like comforters, do not require a duvet, duvet cover, or additional coverings.

The ability of top layer to create warmth and decorate a room in your choice of style is an important reason why the single layer bedspreads and filled bedspreads adorn homes around the world as a reflection of personal style and comfort.

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