Top Ten: Toile Bedding Collections

The French came up with Toile (pronounced twäl) as a design for curtains, upholstery, and wallpaper back in the 1800′s. The repeated pattern – now also seen in stylish bedding – uses solid black toile, blue toile, red toile, green toile, or yellow toile designs that find clean rhythm across the white or off-white background for a vintage look on duvets and comforters. From formal Toile to modern Toile, its resurgence into the interior fashion world has been seen primarily in bedding collections, thus earning itself the topic for this week’s Top Ten list on the Toile Bedding Collections that keep the beat.

Astor Bedding. By Victor Mill Bedding.

1. Astor Bedding. By Victor Mill Bedding.

The Victor Mill Astor Bedding Collection says elegant and versatile at the same time. Using black toile atop a bright white background, matching colorful accent pieces to its design, keeping it fresh and timeless. The black and white toile design features a medallion damask accented by a matching stripe pattern. Victor Mill Bedding has bed-in-a-bag sets available in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Daybed sizes, and comes with a comforter, pillow shams, a matching bedskirt and decorative pillows. Bed in a bag set includes a comforter, pillow shams, a matching bedskirt, and decorative pillows.

Veranda Bedding. By Southern Textiles Bedding.

2. Veranda Bedding by Southern Textiles Bedding.

Speaking of fresh, the marigold and white coloring of the Veranda Bedding by Southern Textiles Bedding comes without much toile pattern separation. The fused floral damask pattern produces a bright, inverted look from the normal white background with colored toile. Southern Textiles Bedding has made bed-in-bag sets available in Queen, King, and California King sizes that includes (for the King versions): a comforter, three standard shams, three European shams, three European sham inserts, three decorative pillows, a bedskirt, flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two standard pillowcases.

Twisty Vines Turquoise. By Michael Payne Bedding.

3. Twisty Vine Turquoise Bedding by Michael Payne Bedding.

Glossy ribbon-like spirals are a modern toile pattern in this Twisty Vine Turquoise Bedding by Michael Payne Bedding. It comes in turquoise on black (shown above) as well as a deep fuschia, or amethyst, on black. By twisting in loops and circles, Michael Payne’s design looks incredible with the botanical motifs shown on the accent pillows that come with the duvet sets in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes. The bedding sets include a duvet cover, duvet insert, pillow shams, and two accent pillows.

Sunflower Swirl Bedding. By Loft Style Bedding.

4. Sunflower Swirl Bedding by Loft Style Bedding.

Elegant white swirls of patterned floral designs complete the softness of this grey/light blue comforter in the toile Sunflower Swirl Bedding collection by Loft Style Bedding. Featuring a reversible comforter set – that turns into the soft grey/light blue design on white – flip the look anytime for an instant lift in your bedroom decor. It comes in a comforter set of full/queen and king sizes, and can be matched to sheet sets and bedskirts of the same collection.

Beauville Bedding. By Ashley Bedding.

5. Beauville Bedding by Ashley Bedding.

Upon first sight of the Beauville, it’s crisp lines look hardly French as the origin of toile designs. However, like evolution suggests, the same principles are found in the repeated black and white toile pattern of the Beauville Bedding by Ashley Bedding. This bedding collection comes with bed-in-a-bag sets that are available in Queen and King sizes which include a comforter, two pillow shams, three accent or decorative pillows, and a matching bedskirt. Add coordinated 300 Thread Count cotton sheets made from 100% Egyptian cotton, and you’ve got the perfect harmony of patterned and solid matching decor for your bedroom.

Balo Bedding. By Le Vele Bedding.

6. Balo Bedding by Le Vele Bedding.

Just because its the 21st century doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate the past into everyday decorations. With a classic toile style with inverted colors from the typical color on white background, the Balo Bedding by Le Vele Bedding finds a way to be both contemporary and vintage formal. With stripe accents in the sheets and shams, their bed-in-a-bag sets include a duvet cover, two shams, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

Boheme Persimmon Bedding. By Jill Rosenwald Bedding.

7. Boheme Persimmon Bedding by Jill Rosenwald Bedding.

Instant satisfaction comes from this Boheme Persimmon Bedding by Jill Rosenwald Bedding that is a rich design of a vermilion red and white toile design. Patterned atop this luxury bedding collection are paisley and damask prints that fill every open space, done in a gorgeous white, with details galore. The duvet sets come in Full/Queen, King and California King sizes and include a duvet cover, pillow shams, European pillow shams, and a boudoir pillow.

Bouvier Bedding. By Thomasville Bedding.

8. Bouvier Bedding by Thomasville Bedding.

In a classic black on ivory toile design of a country scene with a sketched feel, the Bouvier Bedding by Thomasville Bedding uses an antique red damask and plaid to add saturated hues to the bedroom design. The collection features both a comforter and a bedspread, with each in Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes, and a plaid sheet design on 250 thread count cotton flat and fitted sheets and pillow cases, with a plaid breakfast pillow and coordinating bed skirt.

Adesso Bedding. By Robert Allen Bedding.

9. Adesso Bedding by Robert Allen Bedding.

A truly modern toile bedding design that comes in a neutral, clean design, the Adesso Bedding by Robert Allen Bedding uses a polished Jacquard design with antique white and a taupe beige background. Outlined in dark brown and gold, the effect is a visually stunning, sophisticated look that comes in comforter sets available in Queen, King, and California King sizes that include a comforter, two pillow shams, and a bedskirt, with 300 thread count, 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheet sets and matching accent pillow shams and decorative pillows.

Devon Moss Bedding. By Williamsburg Bedding.

10. Devon Moss Bedding by Williamsburg Bedding.

Using a dark green floral toile motif, the Devon Moss Bedding by Williamsburg Bedding is traditional, placed on a white background for an eye-catching effect that remains shabby chic and yet traditional. Unlike many other duvet covers and comforters, it has a toile quilty with a classy, scalloped edge finish. The Williamsburg Devon Moss bedding collection has quilts available in Twin, Full/Queen and King sizes, as well as matching bedskirts, decorative pillows, standard and European pillow shams and window treatments and rugs to choose from.

Toile bedding collections bring out the classic to the contemporary in the pattern’s evolution. Transform your bedroom space into a tiny French design-inspired oasis away from the everyday with a historical motif in floral or swirling toile patterns for the perfect duvet cover sets or comforter sets with matching pillows, decorative shams and accent pillows, sheet sets, curtains and throws to play with the traditional toile look that was known to coat every surface of a room in its original design.

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