The Luxurious Croscill White Label Bedding Collections

A clean sheen spells out the ultimate in white luxury comforter and duvet designs with the Croscill White Label Bedding. With a classic, traditional look covering plush, overfilled comforter sets, there’s no wonder why Croscill White Label’s Camille Bedding and Lorraine Bedding uses jacquard and embroidered fabrics as a symbol of refined living.

Camille Bedding by Croscill White Label Bedding

Shimmering Jacquard with Damask and Floral Prints Make For Exquisite Croscill White Label Bedding Collections.

Fine Croscill White Label bedding consists of the Camille Bedding collection and Lorraine Bedding collection that use rich, glossy textures to create subtle designs. Tailored with exquisite details throughout, the Croscill Camille Bedding ensemble includes Queen, and King sizes that feature a soft beige damask jacquard print at the base of the comforter. A sophisticated border with a decorative hemstitch at the top and bottom matches the jacquard standard pillow shams, while the Euro shams are of solid white. Additionally, the decorative pillows consist of a square pillow with a solid white flange accent, a fashion pillow with a metallic medallion pattern embroidered in bronze, and two pillows – a square pillow and a boudoir pillow – with the damask print from the comforter pattern.

Lorraine Bedding by Croscill White Label Bedding

Croscill White Label’s Lorraine Bedding uses a floral print atop the white comforter background instead of a jacquard and damask finish. With the same amount of attention to detail and trim, the Lorraine Bedding collection uses dusty rose and beige jacquard flower blossoms to decorate the duvet cover in Queen and King sizes, and some of the pillows, similar to the Camille Bedding collection. Lustrous and sophisticated, the comforter is finished with a decorative stitched hem that looks divine with the coordinating floral pattern, flanged trim, pleated boudoir, and floral motif accent pillows along with the pearlescent Euro shams. The sheet sets and pillow cases for each Croscill White Bedding collection comes in 300 thread count sheets with cotton luxury in classic white.

<Image 3> “Lorraine Bedding by Croscill White Label Bedding.”

Opulence comes through vividly upon first glance of the Croscill White Label Bedding collections. But only upon feeling the smooth textures and seeing the notable attention to detail do the gleaming white fabrics with subtle damask and floral jacquard prints truly come to luxurious life.

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