Introducing the Historic Charleston Bedding Collections

Decorate with a comforter and bedding ensemble that has been tried and true for centuries. This is what it feels like with a bedspread, coverlet, or matelasse of the Historic Charleston Bedding Collections by the Historic Charleston Foundation. Southern-inspired, antique- woven cotton designs dance throughout the bed with a focus on preserving the soft and warm feel as a classic reproduction from the 19th century.

King Charles Matelasse Bedspread (in Blue and Yellow) by Historic Charleston Bedding.

Preserve the Style of Historic Charleston with a Bedding Collection by the Historic Charleston Foundation.

You don’t have to live in the past to love it. By using the bedding designs that originated in the South, the bedspreads fuse together the historic combination of European, Caribbean, British, and Asian influences. That way, it comes across as more than purely a modern or formal bedding ensemble. It is a mature and colonial-inspired bedspread, coverlet or matelasse that creates a subtle, yet detailed focal point in the bedroom.

King Charles Matelasse Bedspread (in Ivory) by Historic Charleston Bedding.

Made using woven cotton, the embossed appearance of the bedspreads and accessories are reproduced using examples from the 19th century. Fanciful cottons with inlaid designs come in rich solid colors and are stone washed for extra softness. The two colors of comforters come with six choices of sheet sets that can be matched or contrasted with the bedspread, coverlet or matelasse.

The Historic Charleston Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “preserve and promote the historical architectural and material culture the make up Charleston’s heritage”. Using the extra soft and solid-colored bedding from the Historic Charleston Foundation, you can recreate an exquisite bedroom feel using a comfortable bedding collection that tells its own story.

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Historic Charleston Bedding

The Historic Charleston Foundation

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