Dreaming a Daybed Bedding Dream

A daybed is the ideal furnishing for daydreaming, sitting and napping. To put it figuratively, a daybed is a cross between a relaxing chaise longue, a mid-sized couch and a bed. When considering daybed bedding, the easiest way to decorate the mattress is to remember that a daybed mattress fits a twin size comforter, standard pillow shams, and a bed skirt.

Stockton Daybed Bedding by Southern Textiles Bedding

In Traditional, Solid Color, Outdoorsy, or Modern Styles, Daybed Bedding Fits Any Interior Space.

Due to a daybed’s obvious multi-functional purpose as a seating or sleeping piece of furniture, a daybed is made of durable materials. Generally of wood or metal (or a combination of the two) – which goes very well with daybed bedding of all styles and colors. Most daybeds include a trundle to expand the sleeping area and a linkspring that supports the mattress with rectangular metal and cross supports as large as the twin size mattress itself. By choosing a daybed with a twin size daybed bedding collection, your space becomes ultra versatile, ready for house guests or a stylish studio apartment.

Jamestown Daybed Bedding by Victor Mill Bedding

The art of creating a daybed bedding ensemble – that doesn’t look like twin bed with a half railing – comes in the form of plump pillow accessories. Not only do they increase the likelihood of a walk-by napper, but the colorful pillows can match or create and interesting contrast with the daybed comforter or bedding set you choose. Also opt for bolsters and bed linens (especially if it is being used to sleep in regularly). With plentiful daybed options out there, the comforter is the main event – filling the room with brilliant patterns or a sense of calm, whether it be a coverlet, down or polyful comforters that make popular daybed comforter materials.

Solid Khaki Daybed Bedding by Southern Textiles Bedding

To accentuate the lounging area of a home – where sitting and sleeping is widely accepted – daybeds are present and adored for their purpose and spatial efficiency. With simple twin mattress sizing along with pillow accessories keeps daybed bedding set apart from normal sofas, beds, and beachside lounge chairs.

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