What Are Twin XL Sheets & Twin XL Bedding?

At this time of year, we speak with many parent’s buying college and dorm room bedding and sheets for their college bound children – and frankly most are pretty confused about the concept of twin XL (also known at twin extra long) bedding and sheets. So we thought we’d help provide answers to the most common questions we receive are regarding twin XL bedding.

What is a twin XL bed?

Quite simply, a twin XL bed is a bed with a larger mattress than a standard twin bed. Twin XL mattresses are the same width as a standard twin mattress but are 5 inches longer in length. Here’s the size of a twin XL mattress versus a twin mattress

-          Twin Mattress Size – 36” Wide x 75” Long

-          Twin XL Mattress Size – 36” Wide x 80” Long

Twin XL beds and mattresses are most often found in college dorm rooms, as a standard twin bed is often too short for most college students to sleep comfortably. However twin XL beds are not exclusively used in college dorms, and increasingly we are speaking with customers who have bought a twin XL mattress and bed for their teenage son or daughter to use at home. According to the Better Sleep Council (http://www.bettersleep.org/) one of the biggest mistakes the consumers make is buying a mattress that’s too small, which prevent the user from sleeping comfortably.

What are twin XL sheets?

If a twin XL mattress is longer than a standard twin mattress do you need longer sheets? Well yes and no. Twin XL or twin extra long sheet sets do include a longer fitted sheet, but they normally include a standard twin flat sheet.

A standard twin size fitted sheet just won’t fit on a twin XL mattress or bed however hard you try – believe me we’ve seen customers attempt this, only to tear or rip their fitted sheet. Twin XL fitted sheets are longer than twin fitted sheets by approximately 4-5 inches to accommodate the larger mattress.

-          Twin Fitted Sheet Size – 39” Wide x 76” Long

-          Twin XL Fitted Sheet Size – 39” Wide x 80” Long

However, only the fitted sheet needs to be twin XL size, a twin flat sheet will fit both a twin XL and a standard size twin mattress — because of the oversized nature of flat sheets – a twin flat sheet is between 96 and 100 inches long, so is more than adequate for a 75 inch long twin mattress or a 80 inch long twin extra long mattress.

Many bedding designers that focus on teen and college dorm bedding (such as Roxy, Quiksilver, Nautica, Lacoste and US Polo), make specific twin XL sheets or make sheet sets that are capable of fitting both bed size. For example all twin size Roxy and Quiksilver sheet sets fit both twin and twin XL mattresses.

Or you can choose from one of our twin XL sheet sets in 300 thread count Egyptian cotton, which include both fitted and flat sheets and pillow cases and come in a variety of colors – white, ivory, burgundy, gold, light blue and taupe. Click Here To See Our  Twin XL Sheets

Twin XL Sheet Sets - Egyptian Cotton 300 Thread Count

Twin XL Sheet Sets - Egyptian Cotton 300 Thread Count

We speak to many customers that assume because a twin XL bed is longer and requires a longer fitted sheet, that it also requires a twin XL comforter or duvet. But actually that’s not the case and in fact twin XL comforter do not exist, because comforters and duvets are oversized a standard twin comforter will fit both a twin and twin XL bed just fine. A standard twin comforter is between 86 and 90 inches long, so is more than adequate for a 75 inch long twin mattress or a 80 inch long twin extra long mattress.

So if you’re shopping for a bedding set for a college dorm room or a twin XL bed at home, remember all you need is a twin XL fitted sheet — any standard twin flat sheet and twin size comforter, duvet or quilt will fit your twin XL bed just fine. We hope we’ve helped answer some of the confusion that surrounds twin XL sheets and bedding.

Click below to see our selection of sheets and bed sets ideal for Twin XL beds & dorm room and college bedding


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